Play video games to improve your creativity

Numerous debates exist about video games and how they affect the functioning of the brain. One such debate involves video games and dopamine which leads to the notion that video games are addictive. However, this article debunks the above and showcases the benefits of playing video games. 

Games in education

Education today continues to change with each passing day. The topics that students learn, their interpretation as well as the books they read keep changing. However, what remains constant is the fact that learning has to continue. But, with the developments around, it is becoming difficult for teachers to ensure learning can continue without interruptions and distractions. So, for learning to continue, there is a need for teachers to think outside the box and embrace other ideas. This could mean new learning methods as well as tools that can help boost learning. One way that this can happen is through the use of creative video games. These can help students think outside the box while embracing new ideas and perspectives. 

For example, a teacher can use strategy video games to help teach about solving complex puzzles.

Video games are a good way to recharge

Our minds work day and night. It is true that they need to rest, but as humanity has come to find out, they can push their minds to the extreme limits. Whenever we do something challenging, our bodies feel more energetic. Scientific research supports the above notion. While at home and without something to do, video games can be one’s gateway to challenging their brain. 

The creativity in video games today also helps to set up perfect challenges that anyone can use to expend energy. Engaging in an activity that is either stimulating or engaging leads to an increase in dopamine levels in the brain. For most people, this means motivation levels are high and that one can set themselves up for more work. So, pick a stimulating or challenging game today and test the theory above. 

Games can teach you leadership skills

Games are a good way to develop skills that you can use in real life. Gaming offers one free leadership training by helping players gain knowledge in skills like recruiting, confronting or facing one’s problems, developing strategies, building on one’s strengths, etc. Each of these skills is crucial for a person who is looking to become a leader. Through the creative video game ideas, one can pick up a few snippets that can be of use in the real world. 

Leaders often face the challenge of developing strategies and overcoming challenges. Video games help to put one in scenarios where they have to overcome challenges. This means that as a player, one has to develop a strategy and execute it in the hope of attaining some goals. In the same way that leaders need to have goals, a player needs to know their destination. The strategy has to fit the target or destination. So, even without their knowledge, people who play video games do gain leadership skills. 

Prime your brain using video games

Motivation and inspiration are terms that people speak about without having a proper understanding of them. People often believe that they have to get inspiration or motivation from outside. However, there is a way that video games can help your brain develop energy levels that you can channel to any activity you want. Well, every time you play a game and finish a task, your dopamine levels spike. You get the feeling of reward and somehow feel like you want to continue playing the game longer. But, in such moments, you need to harness this energy to activities in your schedule. Do not allow yourself to continue playing the next level before you do something in your schedule. Suspend play and prime your brain to do something else. 

Example of games you can play to boost your creativity

There are numerous video games that claim to help boost the creativity of the players. Any game that arouses your imagination will also help to boost your creativity. So, to help you start your endeavour, here are three games that can help boost your creativity:

  • Hitman 2 – this game requires the player to take their time and to be wise before they can make it to the next level. One has to think outside the box if they are to enjoy this game. 
  • Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  – this is a game that arouses your imagination while also boosting your creativity. 
  • Sudden Strike 4 – in this game, one learns several skills including critical thinking and analysing. What more do you want? 

In conclusion, video games are not bad and will not leave you an addict for the rest of your life. There is, of course, some level of discipline you need to develop while you play. However, this does not discount the simple fact that video games train your mind and leave you with some extra energy.


Nazrul Hoque – 01 December 2021