Challenge 2018

For the 2018 staff conference my company set challenge for us to collect items that symbolises some of our thoughts around unlocking performance. in 10 teams of 10 we had to source the following items and present them in a creative way…

  1. Somethings Driven
  2. Something Resilient
  3. Something Optimistic 
  4. Something Helpful
  5. Something Responsible
  6. Something Self-Motivated
  7. Something Positive
  8. Something Focused
  9. Something Patient
  10. Something Courteous
  11. Something Adaptable
  12. Something Consistent

For extra points we also could include the following words and phrases in our presentation…

  • In the Black
  • Can Do
  • One-Team
  • PT Circle
  • Ownership
  • Positive First Response 

Here’s my teams video presentation which came 3rd place…

Nazrul Hoque – 15 July 2018